The Grant Legacy

By: John A. McKinsey

The Grant Legacy is a modern day mystery adventure novel where the characters are unraveling real historical mysteries related to the Civil War and the Revolutionary War. The novel entertains adventure novel readers and history buffs alike. The Grant Legacy is the sequel to The Lincoln Secret and is the second novel in the John A. McKinsey’s series on mysteries related to U.S. Presidents. The Grant Legacy features settings in South Carolina, Kansas City, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Gettysburg and Madison, Wisconsin.

The principal characters include: James Enloe a history professor; Sean Johnson, an ex-SEAL - turned journalist, Kim Poole, a single mom and shop owner who is also into genealogy; and her teenage daughter, Abigail Poole. Together, they get caught up seeking answers to two mysteries: one related to Gettysburg and Ulysses S. Grant, and one related to the Revolutionary War and a little known North Carolina conference the year before the Declaration of Independence that produced the “Mecklenburg Resolves.” Their quest is entangled with a national security threat that the FBI is trying to stop that leads to a dramatic ending.



The Grant Legacy gives readers a surprisingly convincing shift in historical paradigms and possibilities as it sends its characters on a harrowing, nail biting search for the truth.

–Chistopher Michael Holley – Actor/Producer


John A. McKinsey | Author


John McKinsey lives in Northern California where he practices law and writes. His first novel was The Lincoln Secret. He is also the the co-author of Understanding the Law, a general education textbook on American law, and of The Organized Attorney, a self-help manual for private practice lawyers.


The Grant Legacy