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Martin Pearl Publishing began in December 2007 specifically to fulfill a best friend’s dream.

Angelina McKinsey


Before founding Martin Pearl Publishing, Angelina McKinsey spent decades in public schools as an educator with a focus on literacy. Today, she focuses her company on publishing books that enhance literacy while sharing an educational message in an entertaining way.  Fellow educators are often her best resource of writers because they understand the challenges and needs of teaching literacy. Ms. McKinsey completed an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Southern California, Masters of Educational Leadership at California State University, Hayward and Bachelors of Liberal Studies at Sonoma State University. She earned her teaching credential at Dominican University of California located in San Rafael.


Angelina McKinsey’s Story

My purpose in starting a publishing company was to help my husband achieve his dream. During the summer of 1994, the first weekend we met, we both shared our dreams. Mine was to be an elementary school principal and his was to write an interesting novel.

After spending over seven years in school administration and having achieved my dream, I decided to take a break to do all the things I had no time to do. Realization set in during the holidays when my husband and I were opening gifts from each other. My husband commented on the gifts he gave me, sort of like apologizing, “I didn’t know what to get you. I know you like to burn candles.” You guessed it, my gifts were various candles and candle holders. It was a bit pathetic, we had been together for ten years and he had no idea what hobbies I had or what really interested me. All he knew was, I worked in schools with children and studied to earn graduate degrees then became a principal and had no time for personal hobbies. I considered taking a leave of absence for a year, but my husband didn’t think that idea would work; he knew me too well and knew I would continue to do tasks for the school while I was supposed to be taking a break.

So, instead of taking a leave of absence, I shocked everyone and resigned from the great paying job I had worked so hard to achieve. I will admit, it was a tough decision. Even my husband was not sure I would actually go through the process of resigning and to his delight and surprise, I walked away.

The months after that monumental decision, I doubted myself and wondered what the heck I had done. Was I nuts? I finally pulled myself together and tried to decide what I was supposed to be doing with my life. What was my purpose? I definitely missed working with students and watching them grow. As time went on, I became more aware of my well-being and became involved in our farm.

It was during this time, my husband shared one of many novels he was writing. I was convinced the story was going to be a hit. It was phenomenal and I needed to find a publisher. Long story short…I did the research and decided to start my own publishing company. Not a self-publishing gig, but a real publishing company.

Every company begins small and this company began with one novel. The Lincoln Secret was released in December 2008. I have learned so much since The Lincoln Secret’s release. I am pleased I was able to help my husband have his dream come true. It is also a good feeling knowing your best friend does not get mad at you when you make mistakes, instead appreciates the risks you undertake in getting his book in bookstores and in readers’ hands.

I have found my purpose. I am back helping others. Helping others in accomplishing their dreams.

I hope you enjoy the books Martin Pearl Publishing releases.


- Angie McKinsey