Plane Jane

By: Robert Fischer

Mary Jane's Air Force career ended because she refused to don a burqua while deployed in Saudi Arabia. But, that was when her flying adventures were just getting started! A talented pilot with an adventurous edge, Mary soon takes on a stunning quest: to repossess a luxury 747 jet from a rich and powerful Saudi Prince.

Sometimes comical and sometimes sexy, Plane Jane will capture your attention from take off and not let go until landing. Along the way, you may have a hard time remembering to breathe as Mary and her sidekick, Jesus, survive one surprise after another.




“Compelling reading, well described fast moving adventure.”

-Mary Lou Gallagher

Beyond & Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training Inc.

“Readers will hope this becomes a many-edition series with the redheaded hotty, Air Force Major Mary Jane...compelling story...interesting and detailed preparation...sinks us right into a tale we won’t want to leave.”

- Colleen O’Brien

Columnist and editor

“A fascinating story of international intrigue in an aviation setting. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.”

-Dave Pinsky, Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Executive Director, Pacific Coast Air Museum

"A great adventure…with many twists and turns leaving the reader questioning what will happen next? The hero and heroine, cleverly named Jesus and Mary, are hardly a biblical study; rather the novel sets them in the middle of the Muslim world in Saudi Arabia, mixed with its archaic ancient customs and modern western influences."

-Harry L. Hathaway

Former President Los Angeles County Bar Association

“Extremely well-written...moves at a fast pace all the way to the climatic ending...Fischer...breathes life into each character through detailed description and realistic dialog.”

-Bettie Corbin Tucker

Independent Professional Reviewer

“Fresh addition to aviation-themed literature...suave, jaunty tone... reminiscent of some of my favorite Ian Fleming novels, moving quickly through a chain of twists and turns but remaining intelligent and surprisingly relevant.”

-Richard Porter

The Atlantic Monthly Flyer newspaper

“I have read many aviation themed books and Plane Jane is by far the best. This is an adventure tale I won’t soon forget.”

-Jarkko Haarala

Planegrazy, flying news publisher

“Fischer’s writing is not cookie cutter prose, but instead almost three dimensional. I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a good aviation novel.”

-Henry Holden

Blackhawk Publishing and Women in Aviation

“Plane Jane is more than a fast-paced action adventure novel. It is a movie in the making.  Not the usual villains or cookie cutter heroine, Plane Jane’s plot is captivating. I was fascinated by the way the author wove the story around the two cultures and made it flow almost seamlessly. A true adventure, you never know what will happen next!  Plane Jane is definitely a must read!”

WE Magazine for Women

-Heidi Richard Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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Robert Fischer | Author


Robert Fischer was raised in San Francisco and currently resides in Sonoma County, California. He is a semi-retired real estate developer. He became a furniture manufacturer after serving in the Marines during the Korean War, an import-exporter and a restaurateur with outlets in Australia and California. He flew his own helicopter, was invited to fly for the Rhodesian Army and flew for a Senator in the Philippines during the President Marcos period. After returning to America, he sold desalination equipment in Arabia, Australia and the Polynesian Islands. Plane Jane, his debut novel, highlights experiences in Bulgaria, where he witnessed wide-spread theft of autos and airplanes from the West.


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