Snakes Wear Socks - Reviews & Media


"It was a huge hit with the students and even a bigger hit with Ella's teacher."

Joe, New York


"This is a great book that I will use for storytime."

Librarian, Reno, NV


"He helped us see how even fiction books can lead to factual talks. Taught cross-age ideas which allows students to be teachers. Amazing!"

Teacher, Reno, NV


"Gained some great ideas on how to use this book to introduce a study on snakes."

Teacher, Reno, NV


"Love the book and the illustrations. And, I love his passion for sharing his story!"

Librarian, Carson City, NV


"My daughter had me read it to her six times last night!"

Elyse, Reno, NV

Illustrator CD Hullinger and the snakes take over the Today Show in January, 2012

Promoting Snakes Wear Socks and Teaching Art Through Literacy in Schools